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Tian Jin Convoy
Tianjin Address: Floor 18 Tower E Rome Garden, Hexi District,Tianjin,China
Shanghai Address: No.202, lane 99, jiajing road, pudong new area, Shanghai
Shenyang Address: 81, Beiyidong Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang, China
Email: hunter@convoy.net.cn
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We provide recruitment solutions for the enterprise, include executive team recruitment, middle-management recruitment, project recruitment and RPO project. We have a large-scale senior talent recruitment process management platform, internal staff management system, information security management system of 100,000 talents database, the professional internal employee training system and strict quality management system-standards process management. Our main customer focused on manufacturing, real estate, finance and securities and other industries.


Our Value-Grow with partners

The value of an enterprise does not need to advertise, our headhunting spirit has delivered  to everyone through each consultant¡®s every move and utterance treat our clients that become our core value.

- Turn customers into partners: customer is brief but partner is forever. We determine to turn every customer into our partner through our good service.

- To assist partners in fast-growing: through providing talent solutions to help partners breakthrough talent bottleneck, with high-level human resource allocation to construct partners¡® core competence and assist partners in the rapid progress of the growth.

- Continuous improvemnt: continue to improve ourself in order to adapt to the changing market.

Our Strength

Advanced management system and operation mode, a stable team of consultants. Our consultants have a good education, wealth knowledge and  industry experience,  most consultants have more than seven years experience in executive search services.


Our Service Philosophy

With "the Spirit of Manufacturing" to operate each project, every detail pursuit the excellence manufacturing spirit. Excellence is the direction and guidance of our work, we believe that only to pursuit the details can ensure the quality.

Tianjin Address: Floor 18 Tower E Rome Garden, Hexi District,Tianjin,China
Shanghai Address: Jin Qiao International Department 3-1-1226, Jin Gang Road, Pudong
District, Shanghai, China
Email: hunter@convoy.net.cn